Insights Into Innovation

IU faculty and staff are driving innovation across the university, the state of Indiana, and beyond. Learn how these innovators and their ideas are shaping our everyday lives.

Bonnie Blazer-Yost

Developing drugs to halt progression of polycystic kidney disease and hydrocephalus

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Malaz Boustani

Improving medical care for the minds of older adults

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Darron R. Brown

Eradicating cervical cancer

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Peng-Sheng Chen

Curing abnormal heart rhythms

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Ali Jafari

Spurring innovation through advances in educational technology

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Mark Kelley

Developing life-saving treatments for diseases that have previously devastated families and stumped scientists

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Keith March

Proving the need for patience in medical research

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Bruce A. Molitoris

Improving diagnosis of kidney function

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Dawn Neumann

Developing software to treat emotional deficits that accompany brain trauma

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One.IU Team

Powering search on international sites

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Anantha Shekhar and Yvonne Lai

Developing improved drugs for post-traumatic stress disorder

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Adam Zlotnick

Developing drugs to eradicate the hepatitis B virus

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